Highly maneuverable UAV VIDSICH

  • up to 30 km
    Combat radius
  • up to 3 kg
  • up to 40 min
    Flight time
  • 140 km/h
    Maximum speed
Highly maneuverable UAV VIDSICH mob Highly maneuverable UAV VIDSICH
UAC "VIDSICH" is designed to deliver targeted equipment for institutions of various orientations and subordination.


  • up to 8 kg
    Take-off weight without payload
  • up to 3 kg
  • up to 40 min
    Flight time with load
  • 150 km/h
    Maximum speed
  • up to 30 km
    Combat radius


The powerful engines of the “VIDSICH” UAV develop a maximum speed of up to 42 m/s or 150 km/h, which allows it to perform tasks even in adverse stormy weather conditions, when the wind speed exceeds 21 m/s. (In stormy conditions, the mission range will not be maximum).


Technical characteristics of the “VIDSICH” UAV make it possible to use a number of types of payload:

  • Shaped charge – kamikaze;
  • High-explosive charge, high-explosive fragmentation charge – kamikaze;
  • Thermobaric charge – kamikaze.


  • Розвідка
  • Розвідка
  • Розвідка


  • Kamikaze drone

Priority targets

  • Fixed tactical command posts include: CP (Command Post), RP (Reconnaissance Post).
  • Fortifications of the tactical level: pillboxes (DOT), bunkers, SP (Shelters).
  • Air defense / missile defense systems.
  • Electronic warfare systems.
  • Armored, lightly armored, and non-armored vehicles.
  • Stationary and mobile communication systems.
  • Automated observation posts.
  • Ammunition / fuel depots.
  • Temporary and permanent personnel deployment points.

UAV “VІDSІCH,” which was assigned a NATO classification code in 2023. It is designed to deliver target equipment for installations of various directions and subordination.

UAC “VІDSІCH” consists of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and Ground Control Stations (GCS). The UAV included in the system is a tactical, strike aircraft-type apparatus classified as “Class 1 MALE” according to STANAG 4670. It is characterized by:

  • Being a UAV with a normal aerodynamic layout.
  • Small in size.
  • Electrically powered with two engines.
  • Medium-altitude.
  • Low-speed.
  • Medium duration.
  • Limited maneuverability.
  • Ground-based.
  • Horizontal take-off and landing.

The system can be operated both during the day and at night without violating operational restrictions. The operation of the system complies with the requirements of regulatory and legal acts applicable in the field of its use.

Complete set of UAC (Unmanned Aerial Сomplex)

  • 50 sets (can be changed by agreement with the customer).
  • MGMS UAV-RKG-3300 - 1 set.
  • Ground Control Station - 1 set.
  • FPV goggles of SKYZONE type - 1 set.
  • Trackers, antennas, 4m tripods - 2 sets.
  • Charging station - 2 sets.
  • Catapult - 1 set.
  • Compressor - 1 set.
  • Remote launch controller - 1 set.
  • MGMS RKG - 50 sets (can be changed by agreement with the customer).
  • Transport packaging - 1 set.