High acrobatic

  • up to 8 km
    Combat radius
  • up to 3.3 kg
  • up to 15 min
    Flight time
  • 150 km/h
    Maximum speed
High acrobatic UAV OSA mob High acrobatic UAV OSA
The "Osa" UAV system is designed for searching, detecting, identifying targets, and delivering target equipment to installations of various directions and subordination.


  • up to 5 kg
    Take-off weight without payload
  • up to 3.3 kg
  • 15 min
    Flight time with load
  • 150 km/h
    Maximum speed
  • up to 8 km
    Combat radius


The powerful engines of the Osa UAV enable it to reach a maximum speed of 42 m/s or 150 km/h, allowing it to perform tasks even in adverse stormy weather conditions when wind speeds exceed 21 m/s. (In stormy conditions, the mission range will not be at its maximum).


The technical characteristics of the Osa UAV allow for the use of various types of target payloads, including:

  • Cumulative charge (kamikaze, drop).
  • High-explosive charge, fragmentation-high-explosive charge (kamikaze, drop).
  • Thermobaric charge (kamikaze, drop).
  • VOG (an abbreviation for “Вогнегасний осколковий гранат,” which translates to Incendiary
  • Fragmentation Grenade) – up to 12 units dropped in successive salvos.


  • Розвідка
  • Розвідка
  • Розвідка
  • Розвідка


  • Kamikaze Attack Drone
  • Attack Drone
  • Reconnaissance Drone

Priority targets

  • Fixed tactical command posts include: CP (Command Post), RP (Reconnaissance Post).
  • Fortifications of the tactical level: pillboxes (DOT), bunkers, SP (Shelters).
  • Air defense / missile defense systems.
  • Electronic warfare systems.
  • Armored, lightly armored, and non-armored vehicles.
  • Stationary and mobile communication systems.
  • Automated observation posts.
  • Ammunition / fuel depots.
  • Temporary and permanent personnel deployment points.

In 2023, the “OSA” UAV system was assigned the NATO NCAGE code A3Q1J and is designed for delivering target equipment to installations of various directions and subordination.

The “OSA” UAC system consists of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and GCS (Ground Control Stations). The UAV included in the system is a tactical, single-use, multi-rotor type drone, which according to STANAG 4670 is classified as “Class 1 Mini” and is characterized by:

  • Being a multi-rotor type UAV.
  • Compact in size.
  • Multi-engine, with 4 lifting electric motors.
  • Powered by an electric propulsion system.
  • Medium-altitude.
  • Fast.
  • Short duration.
  • Highly maneuverable.
  • Ground-based.
  • Capable of vertical take-off and landing.

The system is designed for autonomous operation, including taking off and landing from unprepared fields. The system can be used in installations of various directions and subordination. Operation of the system can be conducted both during the day and at night without violating operational restrictions.

The OSA UAV is an innovative aircraft that was completely designed and developed in Ukraine. During development and production, emphasis was placed on maximum localization. As a result, a unique body was developed that is not inferior to the carbon frame in terms of weight and rigidity, its own flight processor, navigation and communication module, motor controller and integration board.

All these solutions have received high praise from other Ukrainian manufacturers, and already more than 20 companies cooperate with us and use individual components in the production of their own products.

Complete set of UAC (Unmanned Aerial Сomplex)

The configuration of the UAC system takes into account all the necessary elements to ensure the combat readiness of the unit and the successful execution of tasks.

  • 50 sets of UAVs, batteries, spare propeller sets (subject to change by agreement with the customer).
  • 50 sets of MGMS RKG (subject to change by agreement with the customer).
  • 2 sets of FPV goggles of SKYZONE type.
  • 1 set of a repeater.
  • 2 sets of TX16S type remote controllers.
  • 2 sets of charging stations.
  • Ground Control Station.
  • 1 set of spare parts.
  • Tracker antenna on a 4m tripod.
  • 2 sets of transport bags.
  • 1 set of transport packaging.